28 Mar

If you ask Adam Copeland (Edge) about his favorite WrestleMania’s, he’ll tell you, as a performer, he preferred the smaller venues, as in the bigger venues the acoustics cause the sound to rise upwards, and some of it is lost, where as at the smaller venues the sound has no where to go, so it seems louder, and more intense to the performers, and even to the SuperStars atmosphere matters.

I’m firmly of the belief that a average show, with a good atmosphere, can become a great show, and conversely an average show, with a bad atmosphere, can become a poor show.

It’s one of the forgotten aspects of wrestling, the roar of the crowd, the tension in the air, that aura of excitement, the crowd popping as their hero saves the day, or booing as the heel tells them how lousy their town is.

When professional wrestling is done well it’s a journey, a roller-coaster ride, a whirlwind of an adventure, that in two short hours packs a punch full of emotion, and intensity, that can make us laugh, and smile, and cry.

It feeds our appetite for drama, adventure, comedy, and sometimes even romance, it’s a soap opera, and action adventure movie, a talk show, and a sporting extravaganza all rolled into one.

As long as we keep our focus on the bigger picture, don’t get our hopes up to high, or spend to long nit-picking the finer details, we can still enjoy the show, and by doing so contribute to that atmosphere, that brings the mood of the whole place up.


One Response to “Atmosphere”

  1. chinmay March 28, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

    Great work. I agree, emotion of the crowd is really important for a pro-wrestling bout.

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