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Controversy Creates Ca$h – Shooting on the Dirtsheets

28 Mar

Am I a Dirtsheet?

I guess to some I am, but if I am I like to think I hold myself to higher standards than many out there.

For a start I have a rule for this blog, I’d rather be right, than first.

It’s not my job to make up exclusives, fictional exclusives, to I can pretend I was first to the punch, and thus drawing in readers, so I can profit from the advertising revenue.

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Fight What You Know

27 Mar

I’ve often heard that writers are always encouraged to write what they know, and to draw on personal experiences, utilizing their knowledge, to paint a more compelling picture for the audience.

I don’t know if that’s true or not, as I’m not a writer, and certainly no ones ever said it to me, but I’ve heard the line a lot.

You could say in wrestling there used to be a theory that you should fight what you know, or more accurately deploy the training you picked up.

At this point some people will be asking, but what’s the difference between what one fighter learns, and another?

And today, sometimes, there may not be that much, but it wasn’t always that way…

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Brian Pillman – R.I.P.

25 Mar
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