Why The IWC Thinks You’re Wrong!

26 Mar

You’re wrong, WWE is wrong & TNA is wrong!

Or is it the IWC that’s wrong?

To answer this question we first have to figure out what the IWC is.

IWC stands for the Internet Wrestling Community, and it doesn’t actually speak with one voice, and for that matter isn’t really a community.

I mean I’m sitting here, and do you know me?

That’s not very community minded, is it?

And do you agree with everything I say?

Well… Obviously I’m the exception to the rule, I’m flawless, so you agree with everything I say, but do you agree with every other opinion you read from the IWC?

Obviously not, unless your a multi-personalited freak from the planet I-agree-with-everyone, which isn’t actually a planet, so you can’t come from there.

So how come everyone in the IWC seems to say Wrestler X is awesome, and Wrestler Y is not?

And for that matter why are all the IWC darlings great big failure turtles, who have failed to gain their rightful spots as the most decorated, and lauded Sports Entertainers of all time?

The answer is, it’s an illusion.

Let me explain it like this. If you were in a room with five other people, and I gave the other four people $10 each, and then I gave you $10,000,000 would you complain?

Probably not, because we only speak up when it’s something we don’t agree with.

Therefore if our favorite Superstar is in the main event, winning gold at every Pay-Per-View, we don’t complain, we don’t argue with it, we don’t report on it, we kind of just sit back and enjoy it.

On the other hand, if our favorite Superstar is booked into a fatal 4-way with Hornswoggle, The Great Khali, and Santino (You can change those names if they actually are your favorite Superstar), then we complain, and throw ourselves on the floor, thrashing our arms and legs about, screaming about how it’s so unfair.

So the only voices we ever hear are the voices of the disaffected, and therefore the guys we hear most about are those that are not doing so well.

And because they are the only voices we hear then it gives us the impression that it’s a majority view, rather than an angry minority, throwing a tantrum.

That’s why we’ll read article, after article, after article, telling us some mid card guy is really the greatest to have ever walked the planet, and article after article, after article telling us a main event Superstar sucks, but then find a poll, where the results are reversed.

It’s because in the poll the majority spoke, by in the article it was the voice of a disaffected minority.


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