TNA star Kurt Angle arrested

26 Mar

TNA star Kurt Angle was arrested early this morning in North Dakota.

A highway patrol in Grand Forks found Angle sitting in his car in the median separating lanes. Angle reportedly told the officer he had hit an icy patch in the road, but during the conversation the officer said that he smelled alcohol on Angle’s breath.

Angle then failed the ensuing field sobriety test and was arrested.

Angle was also previously arrested in 2007 in Moon Township, PA on a DUI charge as well.

I’m not going to throw dirt at Angle here, I’ll leave that to others, there are plenty of stories, and plenty of skeletons in his closet, but instead I’ll remind people of an article I wrote earlier:


Where I mentioned that WWE had slowly, but surely moved forward in promoting a culture of safety, security, and wellness, setting bench marks that I hoped other promotions would follow.

I didn’t name names in that article, but I was think of TNA as I wrote that line.

We’ve recently witnessed Jeff hardy’s erratic behavior, whilst allegedly under the influence of drink, or drugs, and we now witness Kurt Angle struggling with the demons of drink.

It’s also no secret there are others in the locker room with a history that involves alcohol and drugs, nor is it a secret that some of them still partake in some of these substances.

Indeed, the lacks policy at TNA has been an influencing factor, for some, in deciding to work for the promotion.

TNA has a problem, and TNA has to start recognizing the culture in their locker room, and needs to move forward, for the safety of their performers.


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