McIntyre’s Mania Moment

26 Mar

With WrestleMania XXVII just around the corner Drew McIntyre is still currently not scheduled to compete, but even though WWE has yet to confirm a match for him in Atlanta, he has vowed to make an impact on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Speaking earlier today Drew said “I’ll be involved. Trust me. It’s WrestleMania. I’m certainly not going to sit back and watch.”

When pushed on the subject McIntyre wouldn’t say more, but if he does indeed play a part on Sunday April 3, it will be his second WrestleMania performance, after last years impressive showing in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

However, with nothing confirmed for him on the card it’s interesting to speculate on how he could be deployed at the Georgia Dome, perhaps he’s referring to a dark match, perhaps there is another match on the card, as yet unrevealed, or perhaps he’s scheduled to provide interference, or a distraction, in one of the already scheduled matches.

There has been rumors that Christian may play a role in the Edge v’s Del Rio match, due to his friendship with Edge, and his rivalry with the current number one contender, but maybe Edge has a rival who may be ready to play a part as well?

Drew was unwilling to be drawn further, however, but he was willing to respond to the rumors, in a few of the dirt sheets, that he’s being depushed, and even perhaps faces release, in the post ‘Mania clear out.

McIntyre laughed off these rumors, and pointed out that he was scheduled for the upcoming WrestleMania Revenge Tour in the UK this April, and that indeed he felt he was still on a match towards the top.

Asked if he saw himself following in the footsteps of his former roommate, Sheamus, to become a future World Champion, Drew smiled, laughed, and responded “It will definitely happen”.

I tend to agree.


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